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Fife School District

The City of Milton has many excellent parks, but could not accommodate youth football and soccer. Therefore, these community activities spillover to the Surprise Lake Middle School fields, which are also used during the day for the Physical Education program and after school athletics.

The present field is grass surrounded by a cinder track and could not support the excessive amount of play, becoming unusable during the winter and requiring extensive maintenance. Therefore, a synthetic field and track was proposed. To blend the needs of both the school and the community we designed a facility that included, bleachers, sports field lights, and new sidewalks. To cut down on the required installation time and cost, Brock underlayment took the place of a crushed rock base course and was supplemented by an extensive drainage system.

During design, impact to the adjoining property owners was studied and mitigated. Sports field lighting was selected that could be shielded and had minimal light spillover. Trees were added at appropriate locations to further minimize light spillover. Every effort has been made to provide a project that will be cost effective, durable, require minimal maintenance and provide high use for both the school and the community.


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• Completion Date: 2007

• Area: Approx. 5 acres

• Cost: $1,620,000


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