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Greene Gasaway thrives on the challenges of school construction, from ensuring program needs are met in the design to securing the permits necessary for start of construction, from working with short design and construction timelines and efficient budgets to teaming with architects and contractors to ensure the delivery of the best facilities for our districts and their students.

We manage architects well because we are architects, and we expect a high level of professional performance. We recognize the importance of aesthetics without letting it dictate budget or schedule. We have managed construction on dozens of major educational projects valued in the hundreds of millions over the years, including new and remodeled high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

We love what we do, and we’re good at getting things done.

Greene Gasaway Architects - Seattle, Tacoma - Project Management


Benson Hill Elementary School - Renton School District

Chambers Prairie Elementary School - North Thurston Public Schools

Technology & Infrastructure Upgrades - Edmonds School District

High School Additions - Federal Way Public Schools

Harbor Ridge Middle School, Phases 1 & 2 - Peninsula School District

Hazelwood Elementary School & Kennydale Elementary School - Renton School District

Harbor Ridge Middle School, Final Phase - Peninsula School District

Lakota Middle School - Federal Way Public Schools

Lindbergh High School - Renton School District

Peninsula High School - Peninsula School District

Purdy Elementary School - Peninsula School District

Renton Park Elementary School - Renton School District

Sequoyah Middle School - Federal Way Public Schools

Timberline High School - North Thurston School Public Schools

Todd Beamer High School - Federal Way Public Schools