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Edmonds School District

The Earthquake Safety Improvements project is a multi-phase project spanning several years for over 20 district facilities. Each facility will receive critical upgrades to its structural system to reduce the impacts of a seismic event.

The first eight schools were divided into four construction contracts. The start and finish dates were staggered to reduce demands on district staff. Work was performed during the late spring (while the buildings were occupied) and the summer.

Great attention was paid to ensure that the educational programs were maintained as well as the safety of students and staff.GGA’s attention to detail ensured that the design solutions are aesthetically pleasing and compatible with the existing facility.



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Phase 1
Occupancy: 2006
Area: 8 Schools
Cost: $3,500,000

Phase 2
Occupancy: 2007
Area: 4 Schools
Cost: $2,000,000

Phase 3
Occupancy: 2006
Area: 2 Schools
Cost: $1,400,00



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