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Edmonds School District

The Technology and Infrastructure Upgrades project is a multi-phase project spanning several years for over 20 facilities. Each facility will receive critical upgrades to power, routers, cabling and other devices to ensure staff and students are empowered with the latest technology learning tools. Facilities are assembled in groups of varying size with staggered starts to ensure “attractive” bid packages that appeal to the widest range of contractors. The work will be performed after hours while school is in session to minimize disruption to students and staff. A great deal of care is taken to ensure the bid documents are clear and concise so that the projects bid on budget and complete on schedule.


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Greene Gasaway Architects - Seattle, Tacoma - Project Management Portfolio


Phase 1 - 2006
Area: 2 Schools
Cost: $350,000

Phase 2 - 2007
Area: 13 Schools
Cost: $2,600,000


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